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Game News    
Welcome to the Crusaders Unlimited website.  We are a League of Heroes on the US PS3 Server, originally from Countdown.  This page will serve as a way for us to communicate, recruit and organize league events outside the game.

Make sure to check out the Information box to the left, the Calender and the Forums for more info.

Also check out these game related websites for up to date help and information:


If you have any suggestions for the site, just contact me. 

Guild News    

March 2012 Update

HyoAuspex, Mar 12, 12 8:57 PM.

DC Universe Online’s The Battle For Earth introduces new level 30 Daily Solo Missions, new Tier 2 Duos, a new Tier 3 Alert, new Tier 4 Raids, Earth Powers, and new rewards including gear inspired by Brainiac technology, mythical creatures, and ancient spirits!

New Level 30 Daily Solo Missions!

Converted citizens are wreaking havoc in South Gotham. Stop them at all costs! Look for “Threat in South Gotham” in your Mission Journal.

New Tier 2 Duos!

South Gotham has been shaken by Brainiac’s invasion. Enter Brainiac’s containment fields to sabotage Brainiac’s plans! Look for “Gotham Hospital”, “Riverfront Center” & “Riverside Hotel” under Duos in your On Duty menu.

New Tier 3 Alert!

South Gotham Courthouse - Brainiac’s Union has set up a reprogramming center at the steps of the Gotham City Courthouse. Disrupt their workflow and take down their Union leaders! Look for “Order in the Court” in your Mission Journal.

New Tier 4 Raids!

The Gates of Tartarus - Stop Brainiac’s latest deadly plan on Wonder Woman’s home island. Look for “Battle for Themyscira” in your Mission Journal.

The Prime Battleground - Engage in the ultimate final battle against Brainiac and his Prime Avatars! Look for “The Omega and the Alpha” in your Mission Journal.

Earth Powers!

Choose Earth as your power type or choose “Geo-Force” or “Terra” if you want to be "inspired.”  Earth powers can be used for both Tanking and Damage roles and have two ability trees, Geokinesis and Seismic.

Geokinesis gives players the ability to shape earthen constructs to crush enemies and reinforce allies. New damage transfer mechanics give Earth users a unique way to swing the tide of battle by redirecting damage away from allies and onto themselves – or even away from themselves and onto their constructs!

Seismic empowers players, allowing them to call mighty earth shaking forces that rattle and daze opponents. The Aftershock mechanic allows players to extend the effect of some Seismic powers so that your attacks keep rolling like an avalanche.


HyoAuspex, Jan 20, 12 5:38 PM.
The following is a list of all the level II, III and IV plans in the league. If you would like a mod made, contact the owner of the plans listed below and provide them with the required materials.

Level IV Mods require:
12 Exobytes of the listed color.
1 Focusing Element IV
3 Complex Materials
9 Simple Materials
1 Equipment Interface Type IV

Level III Mods require:
9 Exobytes of the listed color.
1 Focusing Element III
2 Complex Materials
6 Simple Materials
1 Equipment Interface III

Level II Mods require:
6 Exobytes of the listed color.
1 Focusing Element II
1 Complex Material
4 Simple Materials
1 Equipment Interface II

Precision IV - Ooosh
Might IV - Shirogane Raiser
Might IV - mindpluck
Might & Power IV - mindpluck / Bostonian
Vitalization & Might IV - Rath X
Precision & Power IV - cryofrost
Precision & Power IV - mindpluck
Power IV - mindpluck / Bostonian
Vitalization & Power IV - BURN 1
Vitalization & Power IV - mindpluck
Vitalization IV - Ooosh
Vitalization IV - mindpluck
Vitalization & Health IV - mindpluck / Bostonian
Vitalization & Dominance IV - mindpluck
Restoration IV - Ooosh
Restoration IV - mindpluck / Bostonian
Restoration & Power IV - Splitshift
Restoration & Power IV - mindpluck
Restoration & Health IV - Splitshift
Restoration & Health IV - mindpluck / Bostonian
Restoration & Might IV - Ooosh
Restoration & Might IV - mindpluck / Bostonian
Health IV - Splitshift
Health IV - mindpluck
Health & Power IV - mindpluck / Bostonian
Dominance IV - mindpluck / Bostonian
Dominance & Power IV - mindpluck / Bostonian
Dominance & Health IV - cavani
Dominance & Health IV - Ooosh
Precision & Health IV - Splitshift
Might & Health IV - Splitshift
Dominance & Might IV - Rath X
Dominance & Might IV - mindpluck

Might III - Ooosh
Might III - Splitshitft
Precision III - Power Cosmos
Precision III - Masta
Precision III - Valtrex
Precision III - Psychic Horror
Might & Precision III - Power Cosmos
Might & Precision III - Valtrex
Might & Precision III - mindpluck / Bostonian
Might & Precision III - cryofrost
Might & Power III - Swyft Retribution / Will Powa
Might & Power III - lmmolation
Might & Power III - Gila Heala
Might & Power III - Splitshift
Precision & Power III - Hyo
Might & Health III - mindpluck / Bostonian
Might & Health III - Ooosh
Precision & Health III - Splitshift
Precision & Health III - lmmolation
Power III - mindpluck / Bostonian
Power III - Power Cosmos
Power III - lmmolation
Vitalization & Power III - Hyo
Vitalization & Dominance III - Hyo
Vitalization & Dominance III - Rath X
Vitalization & Precision III - Ooosh
Vitalization & Precision III - GothaTech
Health & Power III - Hyo
Health & Power III - mindpluck / Bostonian
Health III - Valtrex
Health III - Hyo
Dominance III - Rath X
Dominance III - Splitshift
Dominance & Health III - cavani
Dominance & Health III -  Power Cosmos
Dominance & Precision III - GothaTech
Dominance & Precision III - Ooosh
Dominance & Precision III - KickAs137
Dominance & Precision III - Splitshift
Dominance & Might III - goran
Dominance & Power III - Mad Alice
Restoration & Health III - S1REN
Restoration & Health III - Gila Heala
Restoration & Health III - Hyo
Restoration & Precision III - CrimsonCurrent / GothaTech
Restoration & Precision III - Gila Heala
Restoration & Might III - Valtrex
Restoration & Might III - KickAs137
Restoration & Power III - Ooosh
Restoration & Power III - Hyo
Restoration & Power III - Splitshift
Restoration III - BURN 1 / BURN 2 / BURN 3 / BURN 4 / BURN ∞
Restoration III - Splitshift

Might II - Bostonian / mindpluck
Might II - cavani
Might II - Hyo
Precision II - cavani
Precision & Might II - Mystic Arc / Mazin Man
Precision & Might II - Rath X
Might & Power II - Bostonian / mindpluck
Might & Power II - Hyo
Power & Precision II - Ooosh
Power & Precision II - DrCain
Precision & Health II - Bostonian / mindpluck
Precision & Health II - Valtrex
Precision & Health II - Power Dad
Precision & Health II - Rath X
Vitalization II - RathX
Vitalization & Power II - Shirogane Raiser
Vitalization & Power II- Bostonian / mindpluck
Vitalization & Power II - Ooosh
Vitalization & Power II - Hyo
Power II - Mystic Arc / Mazin Man
Power II - Hyo
Vitalization & Precision II - Ooosh
Vitalization & Might II - Hyo
Vitalization & Might II - cavani
Vitalization & Health II - cavani
Vitalization & Health II - Hyo
Vitalization & Health II - Bostonian / mindpluck
Health II - Hyo
Dominance II - DrCain
Dominance & Health II - BURN 1
Dominance & Health II - DrCain
Dominance & Health II - Mystic Arc / Mazin Man
Dominance & Power II - Bostonian / mindpluck
Dominance & Power II - Hyo
Dominance & Power II - BURN 1
Dominance & Power II - cavani
Dominance & Might II - Hyo
Restoration & Might II - Ooosh
Restoration & Might II - Hyo
Restoration & Precision II - Hyo
Restoration & Power II - Power Cosmos
Restoration & Power II - Rath X
Restoration & Power II - Hyo
Restoration II - Rath X

Might Sodas IV
- Ooosh
Might Sodas IV - mindpluck / Bostonian
Restoration Sodas IV - mindpluck / Bostonian
Vitalization Sodas IV - Ooosh
Health Sodas IV - Ooosh

Might Sodas III - BURN 1
Might Sodas III - Hyo
Precision Sodas III - GothaTech / CrimsonCurrent
Precision Sodas III - Valtrex
Precision Sodas III - Ooosh
Precision Sodas III - Goran
Precision Sodas III - Hyo
Vitalization Sodas III - Hyo
Power Sodas III - Hyo
Restoration Sodas III - Hyo
Dominance Sodas III - Hyo
Health Sodas III - Hyo

Precision Sodas II - Bostonian / mindpluck
Precision Sodas II - Gila Heala
Precision Sodas II - BURN 1 / BURN 2 / BURN 3 / BURN 4 / BURN ∞
Might Sodas II - Hyo
Power Sodas II - DrCain
Restoration Sodas II - Bostonian / mindpluck
Restoration Sodas II - DrCain
Dominance Sodas II - Hyo

January 2012 Update

HyoAuspex, Jan 20, 12 5:20 PM.

DC Universe™ Online Introduces Research & Development System in Eighth Game Update



WHAT: Every hero (and villain) needs a finely-tuned arsenal to succeed, and now DC Universe Online has just the right system! All DCUO players now have access to the all-new Research & Development (R&D) system. This new system allows players to create new and powerful items.


Research & Development brings Equipment Mods - a new type of item that will socket into players' existing gear to give them a stat and combat rating increase. Players can use different Equipment Mods to increase various stats, allowing them to further customize their gear to suit their needs. In addition, players will be allowed to make superior consumables that not only restore health and power, but also provide a stat buff.


Upon reaching level 10, players will be directed to their respective faction's R&D contact in the Watchtower or Hall of Doom for an introduction to the R&D system. R&D parts, Stations and Vendors can be found throughout the game so that no matter what players do, they will be able to make use of the new system.


There are four elements of this system, including:


  • Finding and Researching: Plans to create Equipment Mods to upgrade gear and consumables can be collected throughout the world.
  • Gathering: Throughout the open world (including Gotham City, Metropolis and Central City), players (1-30) can find exobytes and other items.
  • Salvaging: Players can turn unused, uncommon or rare items into crafting materials, and they can recover a rare item and create a useful piece of new equipment.  
  • Collecting: Bosses will drop useful ingredients such as Focusing Elements and Plans throughout the game.

More details about the R&D system can be found here: DC Universe Online Research & Development

WHEN: The Research & Development game update is now available as a free download for players at all three access levels: Free, Premium and Legendary.

DC Universe Online is licensed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment on behalf of DC Entertainment. For more information about DC Universe Online, visit www.DCUniverseOnline.com.

October 2011 Update

HyoAuspex, Oct 24, 11 8:41 PM.

Spooktacular is Here! The 2011 Spooktacular begins Monday October 24th!  Players should check their journals to find a mission which will take them into the Scarecrow's dark lair.  You'll find Spooky Tokens each time you defeat him which can be exchanged at Skeets' Boo-tique located in the The Tap Room Safehouse and GPCD 9th Precinct.  Earn new style items, fun trinkets, and tricks you can use to impress and outwit your friends.  This is for a limited time only so enjoy theses creepy rewards while you can!

New Radial Menu added!  To use, hold down Esc/Backslash/Start and move the mouse or analog stick to highlight an option and release to select.   The Radial menu will close if the Radial menu button is released without choosing an option.

New Welcome Message Screen added! Please check for important DC Universe Online messages, including the latest patch notes, in the Welcome Message screen. To access, select Welcome Message on the Character Select screen.

New items added to the Marketplace! A new shipment of exciting items has arrived in the Marketplace.  To access, select the Marketplace icon on your PDA or Radial Menu.

October 2011 Update

HyoAuspex, Oct 24, 11 8:38 PM.

New Alert! – The HIVE Moon Base Alert is now available as a Tier 2 Hard Mode. Look for it under Alerts: Hard T2 in your On Duty menu.

New Raid! – Enter the Fortress of Solitude and defeat The Avatar of Meta! Look for Fortress of Solitude: The Avatar of Meta under Raids in your On Duty menu.

New PVP Arena! – Players can now battle against each other in a simulation of The Batcave. Look for The Batcave (2 vs. 2) under Arenas: PVP in your On Duty menu.

Dueling! – Use the Action menu to challenge another player or turn on Dueling Mode and allow anyone to challenge you. For players who don’t want to participate you can turn off Duel invites in the action menu.

More Space! - Having trouble finding room for that third set of gear?  Players will find even more room available in the Bank and in their Inventory.

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